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First of all on behalf of me and the team here at "GPS" I want to welcome you to our website!!! Hopefully after visiting our site you will find yourself just a little more informed about the world of the "paranormal".

I want to apologize for the lack of fresh content lately, as all of you out there are well aware life has a nasty habit of throwing obstacles in the way of a lot of things you try to accomplish. That in fact has been the case for me, I have had quite a few personal battles to fight here lately and of course the job fits in there somewhere as well. And you guessed it!! They all seemed to hit me at the same time!!

Well im very happy to say most of that is behind me now and all that's left to do is get caught up and move forward. Now back to the main reasons why  you are here......

      Here at "GPS" we pride ourselves on being discreet and private. Trying not to attract any attention because we all understand how friends, family, and especially neighbors can be when it comes to discussions of anything paranormal. Most times they think you're nuts,wacko,silly or just plain out of your mind!!!! Well we want you to know first off you are not crazy at all and we will listen to your problems concerning the paranormal with an open mind and open eyes. One of the main reasons I believe the subject of paranormal studies have not been brought to the forefront is because the majority of society refuses to see whats happening all around them. We pay close attention to all of these situations and try to help all the people we can any way that we can. In closing we hope that you find some of the things here informative, entertaining and that maybe you'll leave our site a little more educated and open minded about the world of the paranormal. Thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to share any stories you may have concerning paranormal happenings and of course you can remain anonymous.  Also we are always open to suggestions on how to make the site better so feel free to share your ideas with us. And as always...........BELIEVE!!!!!

                                         Gene Lloyd Davis

                                 Founder, Lead Investigator

                                 Ghost Paranormal Services 

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Feel like youre seeing and hearing things?
Feel like youre seeing and hearing things?

Hello, My name is Gene L. Davis Founder and Lead Investigator with Ghost Paranormal Services. Too many times when we go to the ones we ...





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